Food always tastes batter if you have the proper condiment for it, like the Ragu sauce? But to get this sauce and also save money in the same time, you need some Ragu coupons.

According to recent data, there are 14 documented recipes, and the most common characteristic among all these recipes is the fact that they all include the Ragu sauce. Normally, these recipes include ragù alla napoletana, ragù alla bolognese and ragù alla Barese.

In most of the Italian areas from the north, a ragù is normally a meat sauce often cooked, chopped or minced with sautéed vegetables in specific liquids. The meats from the sauce vary quite a lot and might include mixes of pork, lamb, chicken, goose, beef or duck. The liquids can be water, milk, tomato, broth, cream or wine. For instance, if tomatoes are added, they are normally in a limited quantity relative to the meat. A ragù is nothing else than a sauce of stewed or braised meat which might be flavoured with tomatoes.

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