Various third-party sellers via Rakuten take an extra 20% off a selection of office supplies via coupon code “OFFICE20”. You’ll also get 15% to 25% in Rakuten Super Points (stylized as “Rak GC” below). Plus, most items qualify for free shipping. Some exclusions apply. Deal ends February 21. A couple of best bets:

  • Best Massage High Back Executive Office Chair w/ $8.25 in Rakuten Super Points for $55.99 (pictured, all-time best, low by $22)
  • Ativa 12-Sheet Micro-Cut Shredder w/ $10.95 in Rakuten Super Points for $73.59 (low by $29)

Note: You must be signed in to your account to use the code. The coupon can be used once per Rakuten account within a single transaction with one merchant and a max discount of $40 applies.

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